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I have a new dream...
I want to hot box inside a culled tank...
...Extra points if that fucker is ivy covered

Down in the meadows its down in mud
Where the scum 24/7 got it good
Here you can kick it with some rest for the wicked
It's all over, toss boulder, on my shoulder a smashed cricket
And as soon as it's go time brush and plot thickens
A snitch gets stiched and I get plush pickings

Pigs look for truffles and herbs from shambeling pervs
But I got the cut of that that I deserve
No matter if we talk chems or razors
Rise in the morning to live of fruit and vapors
Because being a street smart wiz kid is an all-day-shift
Once you caught today's acorn you turn limpest biscuit
So much for limpid wisdom...

...If Fortuna had some pussy lips I'd kiss'em...
...Ruin it all with a webcam as a witness...
...Runing for your life to get some fitness

...Now do you run for your life, or after it?

Honestly, what do I care? I do a hang ten of it's roof to avoid the bus fare
Because life is no journey, life is a suplex
So fuck you for asking me to do goosesteps
In do time I'll be alluded to true tests
But the trve kvlt is full of shit like bird nests

One day it's one for my show and two for your sorrow
Three for the crows who are the magpies of tomorrow
Four for the bagpipes on the fast lane to my deadline
Five bucks says six six six will make sure I'll be fine

...Cause the devil in us looks out for his kinship...
...Tightly knit nitwits get their wig split...
...Because unlike me you can't get a witness...
You Gotta Fight For Your Bragging Rights
This is about my mindset when I got my education as a street smart kinght of verminary.
A man died for our sins, he said "Now you owe me twice!"
Same asshole that rocks the same metaphore times thrice
When stumble he's the first to remind you of his price
But when kids huddle in puddles of mud, he can't hear'em cry

A middle finger as dead ringer to the void up in the sky
Asking "Why is there a heaviest side on every die?"
So when you cast'em where the brush thickens and the rules do not apply
It's stones thrown among the peasants, as if they have to fight

They go from dei to genocide as if these fools do not realize
That they're a pebble hovering in nothing for a googol miles
Darkest night spills extra wide, your nihilisms justified, forever as the Nazgul flies

In this conflict fiction brought friction
Skip the meals, twist the children
Get'em young, abuse their feelings while a father figure is still appealing
In this system sinners simmer and belivers like beginners born in winter

Hard work is as hardship goes
I reject a philosopher whose knowledge is all home grown
If you look for donations
I'm sorry homie, no!
I wanna see some baphomets unleashed
3 Nails and 2 Boards
Haven't posted in a while. So I thought I come back with some blasphemy.

I'm sorry...

...but it's true

I'm the most selfish scum to ever seperate itself from the seafoam
When I see you smile I want to escape into earthtones
For the self pity, somebody please hit me!
The conectivity isn't given between two links with too much missing
Three knuckles bleeding from four punches leading to five glasses
Aimed to produce a harder shell, the drops they're filled with are uncountable,
but they are not enough to save myself

When I found you we encountered so much sadness
But when it came to deeper feelings I was laughably passive
I guess I knew I'll never be good enough for that serenity stuff

When I see you smile I want to throw up
When I see you smile I want to burn down
When I see you smile I feel like a chance has left
When I see you smile I nothing feels right

You see I'm torn in all direction

I don't hate the world, just my place in it
I want to take credit for your happiness so bad
I'm a worm, I'm dirt, I'm a junkie thrown to bread and water
I want to interlock our lips so bad

Ever cracking is the shell. I love you and I hate myself.
My shame is framed within my skin
My selfishness disgusts me. I am not the one. Why is this so unexceptable to me?
The sun smiles through my window all inviting
I'm like: Sorry, not excited
I'm busy dreaming of car crash's wretched violence
Hit so hard the bumper started smiling

Morning hours; time for thriving
(Mourning hours; bent in silence)
Boring, sour, bitter, shrieking
Half dead, shrunken, little weakling

If I'm lucky this is just a nightmare
Irony doesn't fight fair
I want to be like you; forget to care
I want to be deaf, dumb and blindly stare

I want my brain to freeze
I want my mind to shut up
I want to choke on a mistress
I want simple routine
I want to forcast my life 365
I want to be like you

Because being me is a ship wreck and I don't know what to do
Apathy knows no bounds/depression knows no cure
It would be better to be stupid and unaware. Since ignorance is bliss, would you kindly knock me out? Everyone is dreaming, but no one is asleep.
Planes torn asunder by the bay of the brain
Workers grow, slave and die by their strain
Couples eat, sleep, fuck; for saftey an exchange of names
I stare plainly and wonder how do I fit into their reins?

Whenever the commoners take aim, it's to keep a routine in place
They're afraid that you're too alive and you won't walk their pace
Illusion is currency, currently highly regarded,
is the idea that money will keep you safe till morning
Forgetting that the universe is staunchly warping,
and that the variabels will come through to cause mourning

So I balance on their needle with wich I'd rather pierce their neck
How could I beg to differ as the 7 billionth man?
I'd rather create my own space and be a joker in your deck
But it was made clear it's not part of the plan


No promises, but this is the best I got
Strung up/Strung out
Conventions build walls and smash bridges. Fuck me and all misfits. We're misplaced, and alienation left us twisted.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I am a musician and acting student and I (mainly because of my singer/songwriter thing I got going on) also write alot. Mostly songs but also poems,storys and essays. I´m a guitarist, bassist and singer that was raised on punk music, and I still see myself as part of that subcultur and I am proud of its legacy and the marks it left on the world.


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Hey there, Eric.  Thank you much for the fave!  :)
HollywoodRaptor Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Man, I deserve no thanks for a button press. You deserve thanks for being a great artist! It's very refreshing to find a poet on this site that doesn't come off as full of himself and manages to avoid cliches so well. Keep it up.
BlackBowfin Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks, even more, for the kind words, man.  :)
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Thank you very much. I'll try my best to provide the art this group deserves, and hopefully people also need right now.
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I like your work.
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